Every day, people around the world sit down at their desk, or hop in the van to start their work day and a cloud looms above them. How much of today’s time will be spent troubleshooting issues? How many times will they need to drive back to head office to print off a product manual? Grab a new part? Try to figure out why something isn’t working before heading back to the site? It happens daily in almost every industry and is responsible for thousands of wasted man hours.

Furthermore, one of the most frustrating factors is that it doesn’t have to be like this. Troubleshooting should be efficient and seamless in the digital age so workers can determine the issue and get back to work as soon as possible. It’s all about getting more done in less time.

An internal mobile app is a great way to host these resources. Wherever a contractor goes, the app goes with them. If they run into trouble, they can open the app and navigate to the troubleshooting section. They can view workflows, videos and diagrams in the app to identify and solve the issue they’re experiencing. There’s no need to drive back to head office and no need to carry bulky manuals so time is used more efficiently.

Troubleshooting Case Study

Hydroflow is a New Zealand distributor of plumbing and gas products and knows all too well the advantage of providing troubleshooting resources. The Hydroflow solution walks contractors through any issues step by step, offering every possible reason for problems. It keeps plumbing and gas fitting contractors working as efficiently as possible. The additional support also gives contractors he confidence to choose  Hydroflow every time when they’re selecting the most reliable products.

Email ben@appranet.com to see a demo of how troubleshooting processes for your business can be included in an app that doesn’t suck.

Troubleshooting at Hydroflow