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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Appranet?

Appranet is a mobile app specifically designed for deskless and remote workers. Think of it as a business intranet in the palm of your employee’s hand.

A company address book with click to call and click to email functionality streamlines internal communication. Integrated forms mean that health and safety inductions, incident reports, leave of absence requests and feedback can be issued and received through the app.

Resources such as manuals and marketing materials are accessible at the touch of a button. Appranet features the company’s unique branding and with the Appranet CMS platform, businesses can keep their own Appranet content updated. Plus, in what is one of Appranet’s most powerful features, send push notifications out for instant communication.

How can I communicate with my employees through Appranet?

Your Appranet app will have a built-in message board where you can post news and updates and your employees can respond by posting back.

You can also send notifications directly to all of your employees or target based on their location. Push notifications are a great way to get messages across efficiently and urgently if required.

How much does Appranet cost?

The cost of Appranet varies from business to business depending on how many employees you have and what features you require, and if you need any integration. Once we find out more about your business we’ll present you with the pricing plan that best suits your requirements.

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Which platforms can I use Appranet on?

Your Appranet will be accessible on both iOS and Android platforms and the dashboard and CMS for updating your app is available on desktop.

How secure is the app?

We have strict policies in place to ensure your app and the information within it are secure and a number of direct security options are available which we can talk through with you.

Is my Appranet custom built?

Custom apps cost upwards of hundreds of thousands of dollars to build from scratch. Appranet is actually a platform that allows us to turn on and turn off features to meet customer needs.  Because Appranet is pre-built, it allows us to be much more affordable while still delivering a great consumer experience

Appranet is a great entry solution for businesses to go mobile for the first time or for specific needs to businesses that are realising a digital growth plan.

What about ongoing updates to the App?

Appranet is designed to allow you to manage all your content, send your push notifications and keep it spruced up.  However, if you don’t have the team or desire to do this, we do offer a managed offer where you can purchase a certain amount of hours a month and have us do this work for you.

Can I build my own Appranet?

Apps need to be well designed and built securely because you want them to be used constantly and you are putting your business information into an App. Because of this, we think it’s best to leave the initial app build to the experts.

Do you provide support?

Yes, or your Client Success Manager are your key contact points.

How can I make the most of Appranet?

The real key to making a success of Appranet and reaping the benefits is ensuring that your employees actually use it. If your employees, the end-user, don’t get value from your Appranet app then it will be very hard for it to gain traction and work for your company. Ensure that it becomes invaluable for your staff by making sure the app is packed with all the resources they need:

  • Ensure there is a learning and development aspect to the app so staff understand internal processes whether existing or new.
  • Upload training videos and manuals so they can refer to the app when they need help.
  • Upload company news and events to the app and encourage RSVPS so Appranet becomes the go-to for internal socialising and updates. Send out regular push notifications with calls to action that drive your employees to the app.
  • Regularly survey your employees on what they like and don’t like about Appranet so you can ensure it meets their needs.
  • Talk to staff in general about changes they’d like to see in the company and brainstorm how you may be able to utilise Appranet to make these changes.

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