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What is Appranet?

Appranet is a mobile internal app specifically designed for deskless and remote workers. Think of it as a business intranet in the palm of your employee’s hand.

A company address book with click to call and click to email functionality streamlines internal communiation. Integrated forms mean that health and safety inductions, incident reports, leave of absence requests and feedback can be issued and received through the app.

Resources such as manuals and marketing materials are accessible at the touch of a button. Appranet features the company’s unique branding and with the Putti CMS platform, businesses can keep their own Appranet content updated. Plus, in what is one of Appranet’s most powerful features, send push notifications out for instant communication.

How can I communicate with my employees through Appranet?

Your Appranet will have a built in message board where you can post news and updates and your employees can respond by posting back.

You can also send notifications directly to all of your employees or targeted based on their location. Push notifications are a great way to get messages across efficiently and urgently if required.

How much does an Appranet cost?

The cost of Appranet varies from business to business depending on how many employees you have and what features you require, and if you need any integration. Once we find out more about your business we’ll present you with the pricing plan that best suits your requirements.

We also have a couple of ways of delivering the Appranet, either via a standard app (app container) that rebrands when you login, or a fully branded app and the price will vary depending on which option is the best solution for your needs.