The landscape of visual graphic design is in constant flux. As tastes change and new technology makes sophisticated effects more available to consumers, these consumers are developing more refined tastes and expectations from visual experiences. What was in vogue only a few years ago now seems out of date now. As a visual graphic designer, you need to have your finger on the pulse of the industry and know what are popular and what upcoming trends are just over the horizon. Change is inevitable and in some cases, absolutely essential, especially when it is positive. Graphic designs and designers are known for the various changes they incorporate into app and website designs to make it more attractive and appealing to the visitor with the better user experience. Given that we are in the first quarter of 2018, there are already several trends doing the rounds in the graphic design business. Most graphic designers love to experiment in various ways. Reasons behind this experimentation usually include satisfaction of creative urges and offering something new to the users. These experimentations, in turn, give rise to trends that earn appreciation from users and other designers. A large group of designers who gathered in February and shared their opinion on logo design and branding trends for 2018 – according to the community post.” After discussion, these graphics experts came up with the latest trend of 2018. The common line between web design and print design will smear very soon. All this may results in more personalization of websites – as per the logo design and branding equitable prognosis for 2018 given by a group of graphic designers. A bold typographic logo is the latest trend gaining a lot of momentum. With more and more portfolio web portals and blogging templates/themes, the web development is all set to touch the sky. On the other hand, a systematic colour design is another trend on the list which is becoming extremely complex with logo designing studios. Nowadays, most of the people are becoming eco-conscious and preferring green as well as organic designs. In fact, these types of designs are catching fire these days. The rich user interface is gaining popularity. Below, is an elongated list of latest graphic design trends for 2018. The following specific trends can be valuable for a logo designing concept up to some extent. Responsive logos Disjointed text Vibrant gradients Deconstructivism More depth (with semi-flat design) Dashing duotones Sliced text Palettes & patterns inspired by the 80’s & 90’s Movement: animations Iconification Transparency Custom graphic art and illustration Photo masking Authentic photography With these latest graphic design trends doing the rounds in 2018, it is imperative that you create portfolios to include them. Multiple design options are required to be prepared with different combination’s, taking into consideration various factors like colours, schemes and styles. So, go ahead and take your pick from the emerging trends that will matter in 2018.