Here at Appranet we believe in being straight up. That’s why we put out comms  highlight that changes were coming. Note this only applies to Apple. There is currently no impact on Andriod submissions

As with most of the industry, we’ve been watching this development closely. And it seemed that Appranet, like some others that our way of building apps was going to exempt to the stricter interpretation.  All through September and the to the middle part of October we were able to submit applications without any issues.

However last week we had our first rejection. We are still trying to get more information as to why it was rejected. But it does look like a stricter interpretation of the submission guidelines is coming.

To that end we’ve been reviewing our options so that we can continue to support businesses who want to engage the customers and staff with mobile apps.

Going forward we will provide our customers with a couple of different ways of doing the Apple App Submission

  • A Container App – This has various names – an App Shell – a consolidated app etc.  This is a App Shell that will rebrand and deliver your customised functions and features once you log into it.  We can do this because we use user login credentials you manage to manage what the app shows.
  • We can build that app the way we currently do. However you will be required to get your own Apple account to publish the app. This costs about $150 pa. We will manage the process on your behalf as we currently do, the only difference is we’ll need access to your Apple Account.  You won’t need a Google Play account as we can do that submission for you.
  • Some of you may decide to create a custom mobile app. We can’t hide the fact that this is a more costly option. However depending your requirements for branding, layout and features, it does give you an option to get exactly what you want. It could be that this is the best option for you to get your app.


For those of you with apps that are inflight. We are planning to use option 1&2 above to get through the submission process.

As per our first communication, this situation continues to evolve.  We continue to watch the situation closely – believe us when we say getting this right is important to us, and work with Apple to ensure customers can continue to benefit from mobile.