Engaging remote staff is just another thing that business’ need to think about these days. We’ve blogged before about the challenges of communicating with an increasingly mobile workforce in an era when staff are spending less and less time working from their desks. One of the challenges that go hand in hand with this phenomenon is how to ensure that remote staff feel remembered and part of the team to keep morale and productivity high. To help, we’ve put together 5 tips so you can ensure your remote staff and contractors stay front of mind.

1. Share vital information and resources

New product catalogues, training resources, files and protocol changes are par for the course in a large business. Make sure your remote workers have access to all the resources they need to do their job and let them know when new resources are available. By promptly uploading new files to your business app, you can make sure remote workers are ahead of the game and able to effectively get on with their jobs.

2. Make it easy for remote staff to deal with paperwork

Often, one of the hardest things for remote staff to deal with is the challenge of dealing with paperwork when they’re a long way from the office and probably don’t have access to a printer. Supplying forms such as leave requests, fault reports and employee inductions in an online format means that your staff can fill in and submit forms directly to you from wherever they are.

3. Communicate regularly

Make sure you keep remote staff update on business happenings so that they know they are always in the loop. Push Notifications are a good way of sending out important updates and geolocating your Push Notifications can be a great way to only reach staff in specific locations.

4. Ensure staff are invited to events and social occasions

Nothing makes a remote worker or contractor feel like they’re not part of the team than being excluded from company events or gatherings. Ensure your remote staff know about upcoming events by publishing them on your business app so they’re never left out in the cold.

5. Create a universal staff contact list

There’s nothing worse than having to scroll back through email signatures trying to find the contact details for a particular staff member. Kill two birds with one stone by creating a mobile contact list of all your staff members including remote staff and contractors. Not only does this help employees communicate faster and more efficiently, it also means that everyone on that list feels like a valued member of the team.

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