Philips is a name synonymous with technology, development and creativity. Their clever lighting solutions, small appliances and medical technologies have made them a key player in the electronics market. Thousands of contractors use their products daily.

The Philips Appranet

In 2016, Philips New Zealand launched Appranet for their Club Blue Electricians. They knew the tool would revolutionise the way they communicated with these contractors. The Philips ClubBlue Appranet delivered an end to end solution with a native app and accompanying website. The app featured latest product guides to keep contractors informed, details on latest promotions, case studies and training videos. The company could be assured that they were looking after their contractors with all the information they needed. Ultimately, contactors were able to do their jobs better and in less time. These resources also meant that contractors had a better understanding of the products. Suddenly, the ClubBlue contractors were even better advocates for the company.

Making Appranet their own

The app worked so well for Philips New Zealand that it was not long before other groups from around the Asia-Pacific region took notice. Seven Philips regions now have their own version of Appranet. This has allowed them to offer the same level of support to their contractors that New Zealand was offering. It also helped bring the different regions together as they streamlined their processes.

One of the powerful qualities of Appranet is that each app is unique. This means that a business can pick and choose the features they want included in their app. For example, Philips Singapore took their version of Appranet one step further by including a rewards scheme. The scheme allows contractors to upload photos of their receipts and claim rewards. This has been a powerful way for Philips Singapore to ensure their products are the first choice for their contractors. They see this as a strong competitive edge.

As Appranet continues to develop more features, the company is confident that the tool will help keep their  contractors up to date on their products. This means satisfied customers and a more streamlined business.