An internal app for your deskless and remote workers is a powerful way of providing a central hub for your business. It should become an invaluable tool for sharing resources and communicating with your employees. We have proven countless times in case studies that an internal app like Appranet helps workers feel more engaged and allows them to get more done in less time.

For employers, Appranet is a powerful tool to help them understand what resources their staff need access to. It also allows employers to better manage communication and news sharing with their teams and ensure the safety of their staff. Employers often tell us that one of the greatest advantages of Appranet is the online forms. These help businesses reduce paperwork and allow staff to complete admin tasks from wherever they are.

Our number one tip

There’s a challenge for businesses taking on and internal app. Businesses can’t benefit from the app unless their staff members are actually using it. The app won’t mean anything if the greatest benefits aren’t aimed at the employees themselves. Unless they  get real benefits, employees won’t use it and employers will be unable to reap the rewards. Our number one tip is to make your internal app is invaluable for your employees.

So how do I get my employees engaging with an internal app?

We’re glad you asked. There are several steps you can take to ensure that your employers won’t want to do their job without Appranet.

  • Ensure that your Appranet becomes invaluable for your employees by making sure the app is packed with all the resources they need.
  • Upload training videos and manuals so they can refer to the app when they need help and make sure Appranet is the central hub for all your how-to resources.
  • Upload company news and events to the app and encourage RSVPS so Appranet becomes the company go-to for internal socialising and updates.
  • Send out regular push notifications with calls to action that drive your employees to the app.
  • Transfer paper-based forms and processes over to the online forms platform within Appranet and let your staff know via push notification how to easily find them.
  • Regularly survey your employees on what they like and don’t like about Appranet so you can ensure it meets their needs.
  • Talk to staff in general about changes they’d like to see in the company and brainstorm how you may be able to utilise Appranet to make these changes.

To help truly assimilate Appranet into your company culture we recommend that you first develop a strategy. This wil provide direction and map out how you will use Appranet and make a success of it.

Things to think about for your internal app strategy:

  • Who will be your Appranet administrator(s)?
  • How will you distribute information about the app to your employees?
  • What process will you use to onboard employees?
  • When will you update Appranet and send push notifications?
  • When will you integrate Appranet with your current tools and educate your staff on this?
  • What sort of content and information will you post?
  • How will you monitor the app’s success?
  • How will you integrate Appranet with existing business strategies?

Ensuring you consider questions like this before launching an app in your business will arm you with a clear plan. You also be better prepared to truly make a success of Appranet and reap the benefits.