With what we now know about sustainability and respecting our planet, there really is no excuse for the amount of paperwork that continues to churn out of businesses’ printers. Now, more than ever, businesses need to consider how they are going to reduce paperwork for good.

If you think about how far the mobile revolution has taken us, it seems bizarre that so many business are still relying on paper and filing cabinets. Even fax machines are still part of the modern vernacular, despite the fact the technology that drives them has changed little since the mid 1970s.

Bringing forms online

Perhaps our greatest attachment to paperwork comes in the form of, well, forms. With mobile technology at our fingertips, why do we still live in an age where we have to literally pick up a pen and sign on the dotted line?

Online forms are the way of the future for businesses who want to get more done in less time by ditching the paperwork. By embracing mobile technology, staff members can access online forms wherever they are, filing them in and submitting them on the go. E-signatures are also readily accepted and a powerful tool to avoid the need for printing and scanning paperwork.

Every paper form you use right now can be done through an online from. Give employees a platform to submit leave requests, fault reports, hazard advisories and review requests. When they click ‘submit’ the form is emailed straight to the person responsible and stored in a cloud-based online database for easy referral. Better still, you can create any online form you can think of. So, if your business has unique requirements, then build a custom form with all the fields you need.

You can even use online forms to create troubleshooting flows. These help staff when they’re on site and encounter problems. Read our troubleshooting blog here for more information.

If your business is still drowning in paper and you know it’s time to embrace mobile technology to reduce paperwork then check out www.appranet.com. Find out how online forms and our other features can help your business then get in touch with ben@appranet.com.