The App market is still relatively young and constantly evolving. This means that the Apple and Google Play stores are regularly updating their thinking and rules on app submission to their stores.

Apple, in particular, is taking a more rigid stance towards mobile app submission. If you haven’t heard, recent changes to the Apple App Store guidelines will have an impact on standalone template-based mobile apps.

Unfortunately there is still a lot of ambiguity around what is and isn’t allowed under the new rules and we continue to work with Apple and refine our processes and products to best serve our customers.  Given that, here is what we know:

The quality of the app in terms of features and design is now examined more closely. This is good news as there has been a lot of poorly created apps in the past and these reflect badly on the industry as a whole.

Existing apps can continue and we’ll be able to do updates to those apps. However there remains a need for quality in this process too.

So what next?

Here at Appranet, we’re collating all of the feedback from both successful and rejected app submissions in order to refine the process. We are investing more effort in the pre-submission process to ensure that apps meet the submission guidelines first time, every time.

We are adding other submission options to our tool-bag so clients can still benefit from mobile technology. These options include consolidated container or shell apps.

We continue to build custom apps through Moa Creative, our custom app development business. We know that custom builds appeal to larger organisations due to cost. However, this is still a viable way for you to ride the increasing wave of mobile commerce.