Appranet, powering mobile teams

Digitally equip your team on the move with a mobile app.

No more bulky manuals, procedure documents or loose forms. Let them focus on what they do best, effectively and efficiently.

Take advantage of that smartphone and gets things done

Appranet is perfect for induction courses, health and safety programs, enabling field teams with the right info or updating product catalogues or offers in real time.

Staff can access information and fill out forms digitally, even when they’re offline. Empower them with the right tool so they can focus on getting the work done efficiently, not worrying about losing forms or having the right information

Internal Mobile Apps

Get things done digitally

Take advantage of the power of mobile applications


Appranet supports both mobile and tablet devices, available on iOS and Android

Digitise internal documents

Give your field team a single app to access process documents, health and safety manuals and product catalogues

Easily make real-time updates

Make updates to the app using our easy to use Content Management System. Updates are real-time, so your team always has the latest and the greatest

Digitise paper forms

Create digital forms to replace your existing paper processes and forms. Digitally capture quality information in the field

Offline support

Conduct forms even in remote areas with no internet access, and upload later

Custom branding

Customise the app with your branding, logo and colours for a familiar look and feel

Appranet is for you!

Appranet is for teams out in the field away from the desk. Take the digital leap if you’re still a bit behind the times with paper-based forms and bulky manuals.

Business Apps Internal

Health and Safety solution

Comply with Health and Safety standards by providing relevant and timely emergency procedures.

Improve incident reporting processes

Digitally collect Health and Safety related forms (Near Miss, Incident, Accident Report, etc.) Monitor incidents using the built-in analytics feature. Proactive reporting through electronic dashboards or deep dive specific instances

Job sheets

Create electronic versions of job sheets used by the field operations team. No more double entry into the system and figuring out illegible handwriting.

Internal processes

Digitise simple internal processes such as leave requests or timesheets. Build your own forms with our easy to use form builder.

Sales and marketing material

Keep sales and marketing collateral like product and pricing catalogues on Appranet for your sales and marketing team to quickly access the most up-to-date information.

Who We Work With


We equip transport and logistics companies with digital solutions to improve communication, speed up processes and do it right.


We equip both commercial and residential construction teams with digital solutions to get more done.

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Take advantage of that smartphone and gets things done.
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